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What are Research Chemicals?

Research chemicals is a term commonly used to mention experimental, recreational, or psychoactive, drugs. The term essentially refers to chemicals that have not been studied at all or in great detail, so determinations about safety and applications aren’t fully known.
When looking for research chemicals -for personal study or other research based initiatives- it is absolutely essential to have some starting point, even if that ‘point’ is at the very beginning.

Safety Issues

Any ‘research chemical’ should be deemed potentially unsafe. They should never be considered safe, even for those ‘chemicals’ that may have been used in some laboratory settings or recreationally by certain individuals.
Only chemicals that have been thoroughly tested through a rigorous process would be determined safe or unsafe, with compelling information and statistics to back up the assumptions.

What the Average Individual Needs to Know About Research Chemicals

There are literally hundreds of potential ‘research chemicals’ available today. Some of them are offered thru our online website, some other are engineered while others the result of combining various ingredients. Thousands of people all around the world are turning to research chemicals to gain a psychoactive recreation, or ‘high.’
This in no way is considered safe. Even research chemicals that have very similar attributes to other, more heavily researched, chemicals should not be deemed safe due to association. Even the slightest chemical variations can cause serious harm to living organisms and tissues.

General Assumptions About Research Chemicals

Chemists constantly require testing to determine not just the viability of various chemicals in altering states or stages or applications, but their safety. When a non-chemist begins looking into research chemicals for personal use, they may assume since they know several people who have tried it that it must be safe.
This is patently false and an extremely dangerous (even foolish) approach. There is no way to know just how high a dose of a specific chemical was ingested, what that other individual’s body composition was, if they had any health issues affecting them at the time, and so on.

Different Reactions Due to Varying Interactions

Every person, as with every living organism, will react different to various research chemicals.  The more studies that are done on any particular chemical, the larger the group study size, the more reliable information becomes on its effect, impact, and ultimately sensations and safety.

A Word About Side Effects

The side effects of research chemicals can vary widely, and they can quickly turn life-threatening. Since every research chemical is different, side effects can vary widely.
Anyone seeking more information about specific research chemicals will likely need to conduct studies themselves. For those seeking research chemicals for personal and recreational use, the side effects can potentially be deadly or permanently debilitating.

What We Do

This site was developed to offer some of this fine chemicals for purchase and offer an opportunity for those interested in them to gain access or gather more info. We welcome any comments, questions, or concerns and invite you to review more information throughout this site.

Our research chemicals are not offered for human consumption or in vivo research